Electronic File Storage

The resources and experience of Enhanced Records Management provide a front end to the system utilising the MAPPEI filing system to seamlessly integrate the operation of records capture into your business process and workflow. This also ensures that the physical paper and electronic files follow as close a route as possible.

  • Indexing and cataloguing of paper records.
  • Scanning of the paper record (Creation of the electronic record).
  • Physical filing and management of the paper record.
  • Archiving of paper records.
  • Destruction of paper records.

Filing Personnel

Filing personnel are supplied on a temporary or permanent basis to provide support for general filing and database input and many other office duties.

Label Printing

Enhanced Records Management offers a free filing label printing service whereby a customer can store labels at our premises and order pre-printed labels which are dispatched. The customer can supply the data in electronic format and will receive the desired labels with their data printed on them.


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