Whether you are at your desk, in the archives, or in your car, Enhanced Records Management has a solution to suit virtually every application: Today, we work wherever we happen to be. All products made by MAPPEI are designed to suit the modern way of working. Using our ingenious coding system, your files are permanently available. MAPPEI organising systems are tailor made for ideally suit your requirements. It is unlikely that you will find another system that will house your documents in an easier, quick retreaval,occupying less space and saving you money.

Filing Folders

All MAPPEI file folders have side flaps to retain and protect the contents in an orderly fashion and prevent the contents from falling out. The side flaps also serve to stabilise the folders, enabling the folders to housed securely with in the MAPPEI filing containers.

Various Types:

  1. Light weight
  2. Medium weight
  3. Heavy weight
  4. Vario Expanda
    • they adjust seamlessly to the contents
    • occupy slightly more space than their contents
    • no heavy mechanisms to take up space
    • naturally, they fit into MAPPEI filing containers
    • easily identifieable with in the MAPPEI system; even
    • thick documents are easily inserted and accomadated
  5. Plastic folders
  6. Multiple pocket


Whether a transaction/file folder is filed laterally or vertically, whether you would like to take your containers with you, prefer hanging folders or use your documents for organisation, MAPPEI has thoroughly considered all kinds of applications to always offer you the most suitable container.

Filing Tabs

In many spheres, a combination of colours and positions gives a clear and simple classification. When searching for a specific document, colours provide a visual aid. Using colours, you can locate a transaction/file folder at a glance.

Various Types:

  • Alpha & Numerical Laser - Self-adhesive
  • Foil Tabs
  • Plastic Runner Tabs


Make the best possible use of valuable office space. Office space should be occupied to allow for maximum workflow. Files should therefore not take more space than necessary. There are other requirements for filing: documents should be easily accessible, well-protected, and accommodated to permit maximum storage. Also, you may wish to choose from various heights and designs: cabinets to be placed under your desk, medium-high or high cabinets, open or lock-able, etc. Enhanced Records Management provides system furniture to suit your needs, to optimize your organisation and hence save your time, space and money.

Complete Solutions - Diary systems & Desk Organisers

Enhanced Records Management has been providing advice to users, to find the right solution for organisational tasks. Today, you can benefit from our experience. With helpful and practical products and methods, available as complete and ready-to-use solutions. MAPPEI organisational kits are based on know-how. Make use of our experience and go for an all-round solution that meets your needs swiftly and easily. Examples of such systems include daily and monthly diary systems.

Software - MAPPEI Print


MAPPEI's accessories are designed to maximize efficiency of the document storage and retrieval at any station. They are based on the extensive experience that the Enhanced Records Management & the MAPPEI team have gathered over the years to design helpful products.


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